For over 10 years, Current Staffing has been a solutions provider of some of the largest organizations, providing full-time, permanent, temporary and contract workforce solutions throughout the United States.

We have a long history and close ties with the communities we service. If there is one defining characteristic of Current Staffing, it is our reputation for providing unmatched and unparalleled solutions giving you, the employer, the right talent, right away.

Our involvement in the local community has fostered deep recruiting ties to valuable candidates and has also allowed us to build strong relationships with the workforce in these communities.

Flexible, short-term staff additions or replacements

Talent Match
Client-customized selection and testing process

Transition to full-time employee on an hours-worked basis

Seasonal or project-specific workforce

Direct Hire
Staff recruitment and placement on a fee-for-service basis. Positions range from entry to executive level

Long-term staffing and management of an entire departmental function with performance accountability

Extended-term workforce engaged and managed on-site for enhanced productivity